DIY mermaid mirror


- 2 clamp shells that are approximately equal in size

- Small mirror (I used one out of an old pocket hairbrush)

- 1 small hinge that fits to the size of your clam shells

- Hot glue gun

- Super glue (this is optional it is used to stick the decoration& pearls on. You can use a different glue or just the hot glue.)

- Acrylic paint or spray paint (I used both)

- Acrylic glitter paint or you can use transparant glitter nailpolish

- Pearls

- Small shells

- Decorative plastic/fabric flower


Materials: 2clam shells - Hinge - Hot glue gun

Take your first clam shells and hinge. First glue the hinge on the inside of the shell, do this with a hot glue gun. Then fit the other shell first before glueing it down so it will close evenly & nice. It doesn't matter if it gets a bit messy, you can always cut some glue away or paint it just over like I did. If the shells don't align evenly, you can always file parts away. Take your time with it! Do also not use a regular nail file for this as it will not work and just brake! I used a carving file.


Materials: Paint - Spray Paint - Glitter Paint/Nail Polish

This part is fully your own choice wich color you want. I used silver spray paint on the outside and on the inside purple acrylic paint. To add glitter I used acrylic glitter paint. As I said if you would like to have glitter over your color you can also use some transparant glitter nailpolish. I also paint over the hinge. You can do this by doing it in thin layers and let them fully dry, move them a bit and again a thin layer till your happy.


Materials: Mirror - Shells - Pearls - Flower(or other) - Hot glue gun

You first glue your mirror on the top shell with your glue gun. Make sure to clean after glued down. To add some more mermaid glory to it you can add pearls & small shells on the bottom shell as a decoration or around the mirror. This is ful your own option, you can always first lay your decoration down before glueing. Add the decorative flower in the middle of the bottom shell. All this is fully optional. 

HAVE FUN! & enjoy your pretty selfmade mermaid mirror! 

If you want to show off your mirror on Instagram you can also tag me @mermaidlilija !