About me

My name is Coralia Stormtide, I was born in 986 in the north. I lived in a viking village as a teenager. I don't remember much of it... Must be the curse...

I was cursed when I turned 18 by a seawitch. I could never come out of the water again and never could I breathe fresh air again. I'd stay forever young... I was immortal. Hundreds of years flew by.

The magic of the seawitch weakened every 100 years. In the 2000's she died of a spell that went wrong, I felt different as if I had power again over my body. I rushed to the surface of the river. I could breathe again! I went out of the water, after all these years I could feel the soft grass again. But I still got the curse even though it had weakened. I couldn't stay forever on the surface, I had to go into the water again from time to time. I also aged again. I finally felt alive again after these years.

I learned how to use human things again. But something was still missing... And I didn't know what. The curse was still there... I desired the water so much.

At a walk I took I found a stone. It was glowing blue everytime I picked it up. It had some sort of energy in it and I could control it. I learned how to make it useful.

It gave me a tail like a mermaid. The stone disappeared and it's energy got into my chest, where my heart is. I felt full again. Everywhere I go, doesn't matter where or when I can transform myself into a mermaid.

But after a year... since the curse was almost gone... My immortality began to go also. I began to age faster and faster. I wanted to keep it in control but in order for that I wouldn't be "alive" again. I'd have to give up my soul and roam the world in a ghostly form. The god of the death gave me one more change, he would restore my body.

My soul protected the rivers and forests in the north. My body was in traveling through the world. Until I met someone, he was special at first sight. I've never felt like this before. We felt an instant connection and he cared for me.