About me

My name is Mermaid Lilija. I once lived in the ice cold seas and lakes of The North. I was hunted down by all sort of folks. I fled more and more to the south but couldn't handle the hot climate, I went a little up north again in the safe waters around England. People are so scared for something they can't explain. Now you might ask Vikings? How old are you then? Well, my mermaid folk doesn't age as fast as humans do so we will live for centuries! Only when we are in human form we will age the same as the other humans. 

I now live in Belgium as a human and lived the same life as them for several years. I can turn back to a mermaid when I want but it has to be near water. My tail is white with blue, this was some sort of camouflage for me in the cold waters so I could hide between icebergs and stuff... I never liked humans, the way they did to me was horrible! Now that I am walking around with them, I accept some of them now but I still feel like I don't belong with them after all they've done to me! 

I don't consider myself as one of the sparkly and colourful mermaids they really like. But for some sort of reason children still love me, and I love them too. I will always be nice and friendly towards them, no matter what!
My name "Lilija" means "snow", because of the white snow drops on my tail. You can see those drops as "freckles", 

I really like them! They make me unique!

Remember when I told you I didn't like humans that much? Well, I fell in love with one... His name is Steven. The first time we saw in each others eyes, we directly felt a connection. We quickly fell in love. He accepts me for what I am, and I accept him for what he is. He's my sea devil! But of course a lot prettier then an actual sea devil! Yikes!!